NYCA Treasure hunt 2072

On the occasion of New Year 2072 B.S. Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA), in collaboration with Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) organized a fun cum learning event titled “NYCA Treasure Hunt” at Mangal bazaar, Patan on April 14, 2015.

With a main purpose of publicizing and promoting the Nepal Government’s campaign for making Kathmandu Valley a plastic bag-free zone from Baishakh 1, 2072 BS this program was organized. 13 teams each comprising of 4 members participated in the event where the teams completed a series of 10 unique tasks related to the culture and history of the local area, collecting plastic wastes around the streets of Mangal bazaar and planting of flowers at the park near the Durbar Square Area. Majority of the participating teams were students from various colleges of Kathmandu. Based on time efficiency and accuracy of the task, top ten teams were announced including one winner team. This program was organized as a fund raising for the “My School: My Responsibility” campaign. Mr. Bukesh Maharjan, creator of Maicha- Baucha character for T-shirt Nepal was the chief guest for the event who presented the prizes to the winner teams. The main sponsors for the event were T-shirt Nepal, Thamel and Battlefield Unlimited, Sanepa.

The event has been successful in terms of its theme “Youth, Culture and Environment”, by bringing together the participating youth groups in exploring some cultural histories of the locality, cleaning up around 3 community taps at Banglamukhi, Chyasal and Alkohiti and collecting around 13 dokos of plastic wastes. This event plays important role in sensitizing youths about environmental issues and mobilizing them as an agent for spreading awareness among local community. “Jaagau Yuwa, Sampadaa Jogaau, Watawaran Bachau” was the main slogan of the event.