National Youth Conference on Climate Change

We hundred representatives from five development regions of Nepal assembled at Kathmandu to participate in National Youth conference on Climate Change Parallel with CBA8, from 27 -29 April 2014.  Children and young people are concerned with the increasing threat posed by rising global carbon emissions and the changing climate. Many are already experiencing the impacts of the changing global environment in their communities. Not only do young people have a right and a need to tackle climate change, they also have much to contribute. As they live and play in their communities they often gain unique insights into the local environment, its strengths, weaknesses, and the ways in which it is changing. This is more so with the youth which represent the present and future of the country. Youth have both special concerns & responsibilities in relation to the environment and will have to live longer with the consequences of current environmental decisions than will their elder. So, the children and youth engagement is prior need for us.

Realizing this gap and urgency, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) come up with collective voice of youths. And we urge to ensure following agendas of youth;

  1. Encourage for the effective empowerment, engagement and mobilization of youth and youth’s network to spread the knowledge of climate change and about its impact to local people.
  2. Promote dialogue with youth and their participation and decision making process in the areas of Environment and Sustainable Development at all levels (Local, Regional, National and International)
  3. Focus on mitigation and adaptation through knowledge sharing, technology/Eco friendly technology transfer, and financial investment.
  4. We encourage the Government of Nepal, Civil organizations and global negotiators to include Youths and activist in decision making process related to climate change at local, national and international level.
  5. Encourage research and long-term monitoring regarding environmental issues such as Climate Change, Food security, Disaster Resilience, Biodiversity Conservation, Water and Energy demands and urge for effective implementation of Climate Policy, NAPA and LAPA document.
  6. We encourage for Good governance in each and every organizations who are working with environmental issue. We urge for proper information dissemination on Climate fund in Nepal.
  7. We are on a planet which has a problem caused by us, human being and we want a rectifiable decision now. If not it will be the biggest failure of your generation, there’s no point in waiting or hesitating we want climate justices any way
  8. We urge for proper transparent disbursement of 80% Budget, allocated by government of Nepal guided by Climate Policy and National Adaptation Program of Action.
  9. Living in clean environment is the right of each and every citizen; we urge the government for proper fulfillment of guided rule and regulations guided by interim constitution 2063.
  10. We urge for each and every organization, industry and factory for fulfillment of criteria guided  by ISO 14001:2008
  11. Let us not forget the agenda of Climate change   in our new constituent assembly.