Green Discussion in 2016

Green Discussion is a part of annual campaigns led by NYCA. The name itself clarifies the concept of 'Green Discussion', as a platform where youths from diverse backgrounds belonging to different institutions gather together at a place for discussion over certain specified topics. It mainly leads to discussions over the ongoing environment-related issues and climate change. A resource person will be invited to speak on the topic, who then puts forward his/her experiences and knowledge presenting the concept and clarify about the unsolved doubts of participants leading the discussion.



  • To aware youths about climate change, climate-related laws, climate actions
  • To build youth capacity on knowledge, leadership, and raising voice against injustice
  • To work together with youths to solve environmental and sustainability problems
  • To build a network between youths and also environmentalists


Road Safety

Date: August 27, 2016

Description: Nepal has a dominant hilly area with danger and poor road conditions. Besides these in the major urban areas with narrow passage for roads and the number of vehicles increasing more and more leads to traffic jams, noise pollution and increasing accident cases. It's due to our unsustainable way of development and lack of better plans from the government. Making corridors, well management of traffic lights and traffic roads, strict laws, improvement of road condition and public vehicles can reduce these problems. By implementing these and alternative ways in the urban areas we can adopt road safety in present days as well as in future days the government should adopt alternate ways for road safety and traffic management.

Handling the air pollution monitoring device

Date: April 7, 2016




Eco-Village Concept: Step toward the low carbon communities 

Date: May 13, 2016

Post-COP Youth Discussion

Date: Jan 5, 2016