Green Discussion in 2015

Green Discussion is a part of annual campaigns led by NYCA. The name itself clarifies the concept of 'Green Discussion', as a platform where youths from diverse backgrounds belonging to different institutions gather together at a place for discussion over certain specified topics. It mainly leads to discussions over the ongoing environment-related issues and climate change. A resource person will be invited to speak on the topic, who then puts forward his/her experiences and knowledge presenting the concept and clarify about the unsolved doubts of participants leading the discussion.



  • To aware youths about climate change, climate-related laws, climate actions
  • To build youth capacity on knowledge, leadership and raising voice against injustice
  • To work together with youths to solve environmental and sustainability problems
  • To build a network between youths and also environmentalists



  • Climate adaptation plans and coordination gap among implementing stakeholder's

            Date: 10 April, Friday 


Description: Nepal, being one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, has been preparing and implementing adaptation plans at different governance levels. Whereas, cross-sectoral collaboration is crucial to implement climate adaptation plans considering it as a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional issue. However, researches have indicated the weak cross-sectoral collaboration on both adaptation plan preparation and implementation in Nepal. The Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MoSTE) has been leading adaptation plan preparation and implementation projects in collaboration with other sectoral ministries including the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD). Some research, however, identifies a number of factors that hinder effective collaboration for adaptation policy implementation in Nepal. Hence to unfold existing collaboration gaps on adaptation plan preparation and implementation this green discussion series would like to excavate dimensions of prevailing gaps and ascertain potential options on how those limiting factors could be improved in Nepal.


Presenter’s brief profile:
Dipak Bishwokarma
(Master of Forestry (Research), The Australian National University, Australia)
Forest Action Nepal

  • Low Carbon Economic Development Strategy (LCEDS) and No Youths!


         Date: February 6


Description: The Government of Nepal under the Nepal Climate Change Support Programme (NCCSP) is developing a Low Carbon Economic Development Strategy (LCEDS) for Nepal. The draft version of the strategy is now made public for the inputs with a deadline of 15 days on 27th January 2015.

In this context, NYCA with CEN, GPF, AEPC has planned to run the Green discussion on the topic “Low Carbon Economic Development Strategy (LCEDS) and No Youths!”. The discussion will be focused on the LCEDS whereby the role of youths in minimizing the carbon footprint will also be discussed. The youth issues which have not been included in the draft version will also be talked about thereby gathering productive inputs from the participants. All your comments and inputs will be incorporated and will be sent to the concerned authority to make necessary amendments. Being Youth we should speak for our rights. NYCA is providing the platform to raise your voice. Remember our voice will be the voice of the youths of the country so let’s join the discussion to make our voice louder and stronger. Together we can Change!

Speaker: Mr. Prem Kumar Pokhrel, Program Officer from Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)