The World of Tomorrow

Feb 25, 2024
Dinesh Shrestha

Today, we are battling a new challenge called climate change. The world's alarm has been sounding for a long time and warning us of the consequences of our actions. With each passing day, the temperature rises which is a serious issue. At the root of the challenge is increasing concentrations of Carbon Dioxide which has caused a far-reaching impact on our planet i.e. Climate Change. The average temperature has been constantly rising—nearly 1.5 degrees Celsius for the last few years is affecting every living organism on our planet.

There are hundreds of reasons for climate change. It arises from natural reasons such as volcanic eruptions, solar radiation, and orbit variation. These geographical conditions make it difficult for us to survive in these areas. Our activities, such as gas released from power plants, transplantation, and deforestation, have resulted in an increase in gasses such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, and pollution in the atmosphere.

A black hole started in the ozone layer, which protects the earth from harmful things. Thus, it is time to be serious about tomorrow. As a result, we must exert control over the current situation; every basic item required should be made from sustainable materials.

This step is an effort to save Mother Nature's planet. Nowadays, the sea level is rising which is mainly the result of winds and oceans being hotter than in the previous century and is directly affected by water, animals, and humans too.

The changing climate is not only an environmental problem; it also affects human health. Day-to-day life has increased the number of illnesses; the main cause is climate change, along with air pollution and the increase in temperature on earth. I thought viruses and climate change were related to each other. After discovering the statistics comparing the coronavirus to climate change, we realized that the entire world is in desperate need of assistance, which means that the coronavirus has been released in a pandemic situation. The coronavirus marks a turning point in the world's efforts to slow down climate change. We are unable to stop the spread of the virus, but climate change is evident. We are suppressing this coronavirus pandemic; how will humanity rise up?

The future of our planet may lie in how we treat it right now. Our mistake has caused great damage to the climate and ecosystem. We have some time to save our planet. I suppose that if we do nothing to save the earth while continuing to live as we do now, human life will become extinct from the earth's surface one day.